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Cafe Rainkingharvest

"Vita est quis venio ut vos est condita alius intentio."

The Rain King
22 June 1990
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This blog serves as a creative outlet of raconteur, artist, philosopher, student, and sometime egotist Wiley A. Dunlap-Shohl, alias Rainkingharvest, or simply Oscar. I began it my the sophomore year of high school as a way of relating funny stories and honing my writing chops. As of late, it has been largely inactive due to the fact that I am now in college and have about 0.01% of the time I had to write it in high school (which, even then, was admittedly not much). That said, I get to it whenever I feel there's a story worth telling, and I try to keep entries memorable; no one has a right to be boring. (It's more of a privilege.) But it's up to you to decide if I pass muster or not, so please read and enjoy!